Tips for Selecting the Perfect Roof Truss for Your Home

Are you having troubles finding the right roof truss for your newly constructed home? Choosing the perfect roof truss can be challenging, especially since different roof trusses are designed for different purposes. In addition, the type of roof truss you choose will affect the functionality of your roof, its energy efficiency, and the overall aesthetic appeal of your house. Therefore, read on to find out how find the most suitable roof truss for your home. [Read More]

Considerations to Make When Choosing Ply Board for Exterior Wall Sheathing

Most exterior walls require sheathing to increase their strength, boost insulation properties, and act as a nailing base for siding. Sheathing is usually carried out on newly constructed walls. Existing walls do not require it unless the existing siding is stripped during renovations. Ply board is one of the commonly used materials for external wall sheathing. It consists of thin layers of wood and wood chips glued together to form a board. [Read More]

A Few Simple Tips for Sprucing Up a Carport

A carport is a great choice for any home without a garage, or you might add one to a barn or other outbuilding to protect your tractor, ATV, caravan, and the like. While a carport is usually considered very utilitarian, you might want to consider how to spruce it up if it's visible from the street and especially from your backyard or side yard. After all, you can't enjoy a barbecue with friends if you're staring at a drab and dull carport while on the patio! [Read More]

Why Employers Use Third Party Recruitment Agencies

As a job seeker, you might have asked yourself why there often has to be a middle-man of sorts between you and potential employers. Why can't employers just advertise vacant positions in the papers and hold personal interviews as would be the norm? There are good reasons for this state of affairs, some of which are discussed below so that you understand the sense in it. Employers Want Potential Candidates, Not Applicants [Read More]