Why You Should Never Hire Housekeepers for Commercial Cleaning

While you might assume that all cleaning services are alike, it's typically a mistake to hire a residential housekeeper to manage your commercial cleaning needs. Commercial cleaning specifically refers to a cleaning service for a business; this might be an office, retail store, or production facility. If you own or manage such a business, note how residential housekeeping and commercial cleaning services are often different and why you need a commercial cleaning company in particular. [Read More]

Storm Water Drainage Solutions for a Residential Property

It's important for every homeowner to consider if their property has good storm water drainage, as allowing storm water to collect on the property can mean water damage to your home's foundation, the increased risk of mold growth in the home, and poor quality soil that won't support healthy lawn growth or other vegetation. Storm water drainage solutions are not always as difficult to create and install as you might think; with a few tools and pieces of equipment, you can usually do this on your own. [Read More]

Some Terms to Learn Before You Shop for Any Piece of Timber

Buying your own timber can seem intimidating; while all those boards and planks can look alike at the lumberyard, you may easily start to get confused by all the terms and phrases you see, and by the price variances as well. While a certain species of timber may be pricier because it's more rare or is not native to your area and needs to be flown or trucked in, the overall quality of each timber piece can also affect that price. [Read More]

Move-Out Cleaning: How to Clean Your Home and Get Your Deposit Back

If you are moving out of a house or apartment you have been renting, it is your obligation to make sure it is clean and the basic repairs are done. This ensures that you get most or all of your cleaning deposit back. In addition to basic cleaning tasks, make sure you complete the following cleaning as well. Clean Areas That Rarely Get Cleaned You probably already know to vacuum the floors, clean countertops, and make sure the sinks and showers are sparkling. [Read More]