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How To Decide If You Need A Patio Or A Deck

When it comes to outdoor home extensions, the two most obvious candidates are always going to be patios and decks. But how do you know which one will suit your property best? After all, they have many similarities and accomplish almost the same thing. Some consider this just to be a personal choice regarding what style you like best. While that is true, there are underlying factors that can help push you in one direction or another. Here are three things you should consider before choosing a patio or a deck as your primary outdoor home extension.

Evenness Of Surface

Whenever you are building something, you need to consider how level the surface is. For something like decking, a slightly uneven or even a sloped surface is fine to build on, because you just change the supports so that they all fit together. It is a raised platform that is not affected the same way as materials that are laid flat on the earth, such as a patio. Patios require a pretty even surface to work well, so if you don't have that you need to either consider levelling the area, which will add to the cost, or choose decking as a simpler solution.

Ongoing Costs

Decks require regular cleaning, with small cleans every few months and large, in-depth cleans and resealing at least every few years. If not, the wood will rot and become derelict, so you have to factor this cost into your overall budget. Patios, on the other hand, are virtually maintenance-free apart from a quick brushing down every few months. These pavers and tiles are built to last without cleaning or extra maintenance, and for those who hate the idea of getting on their hands and knees to scour the flour, patios are an obvious winner. 

Surveying Your Property

If you want your outdoor living space to feel a bit more impressive as a feature, then decks provide a raised platform that allows you to survey the yard and feel slightly elevated. This is a more premium experience than patios, which are in line with the rest of the garden. While the installation and ongoing costs are higher, there is a certain premium build to decks that attracts more people from the outset than patios. However, this is a personal preference, as some enjoy the more grounded feel of patios, especially if the rest of their house is not raised in the first place. 

For more information about patios and decks, contact a local contractor.