Expert tips for maintaining your cooling tower during summer

The temperatures rise considerably in the summer seasons, and this exposes your cooling tower to various heat-related problems. Excessive downtime, loss of efficiency and damage to equipment are just a few of many. The high temperatures also place excessive demands on the cooling systems and keep them under stress. So when summer hits, and you want to ensure your cooling tower runs optimally, here's what you can do. Effective water treatments [Read More]

How to Choose the Installation Location of Split System Air Conditioning Units

Split system air conditioning units are divided into two or more units. In a typical setup, one unit is installed outside the house while the other unit or units are installed inside.  These systems are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners due to their smart features that allow the control of temperature in different rooms using different thermostats. The units are also relatively easy to install; however, you need to choose the ideal installation location for the indoor and outdoor units for convenience and to maximize efficiency. [Read More]

How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Basement

All of the rooms in your home have the potential to get damaged from excess water and humidity, but your basement is among the most at risk. If you have a flood, the basement will probably take on the brunt of the damage, leading to a lot of extensive repairs. Here are some tips for reducing or preventing water damage in the basement. Have the Basement Waterproofed The first thing you should consider doing is working on how waterproof your basement is. [Read More]

Making Your Bed: Should You Choose A Hard Or Soft Tonneau Cover For Your Ute?

Fitting a tonneau cover to the bed of your ute can do far more than simply add a little security to your ute—when well fitted and well maintained, a tonneau cover can also improve the aerodynamics of your ute to lower fuel consumption, as well as protecting your ute's bed from rust, corrosion and accidental damage from pebbles and other road detritus. However, no two tonneau covers are ever the same, and manufacturers offer a range of covers in both had and soft varieties. [Read More]