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Two Questions to Ask Your Earthworks Company

Whether you are clearing land before starting a building project, digging foundations or laying pipework for new electrical or plumbing connections, you may need earthworks completed on your property. If you think of earthworks as simply 'digging holes', you might think that getting the earthworks right is an easy process, but, in reality, it can be far more complex than you might think. Earthworks must be completed to the right height or depth, they must be in the right place and the company must use the right equipment to dig through the soil and rock they encounter below the surface. Finally, they must properly dispose of any spoil. Here are two questions that you must answer before you choose an earthworks company to work on your site.

What quality of work do they provide?

As with any contractor you bring onto your site, establishing trust is vital. There are several ways that you can determine whether you want to hire a prospective earthworks contractor. You may start by looking at any reviews or testimonials you can find. Seeing how well they have satisfied past customers can be a good indication of how happy you will be with any work they carry out for you. You will also see whether they have a history of completing jobs on time and within the specified budget. Another thing that you will want to check is the experience of the team that will be involved in creating your earthworks. Find out everything you can about the background of the workers, not just generalities about the company. See what skills the team will bring to the work and whether they have sufficient experience in work like yours. Finally, it is always a good idea to see what licenses the company holds and whether they can legally do all that you are asking.

What equipment will the earthworks company use?

Earthworks will usually involve plenty of heavy equipment. There might be bulldozers, excavators, rock screening equipment and lots of other machinery. Before the company starts work, you must know that its equipment is well-maintained and sufficiently robust for the job. If you hire a company without checking what machinery they have available, there is always the risk that they won't have the right equipment for your specific project. What might seem like a valuable cost-saving could end up costing your money in the end, so enquire about the earthworks machinery before agreeing to use the company.