Building Maintenance Tasks for Old Warehouses

If your business has recently purchased an old or abandoned warehouse, you may already be aware of the issues these types of real estate purchases have. You may have things that need to be remodeled or replaced in order to fit your business needs. One thing you may not consider is the type of ongoing building maintenance you need to schedule. Here are a few options to consider, especially if your warehouse will be for storing goods during various weather conditions and under a variety of storage packaging. [Read More]

Select the Right Dewatering Option for Your Construction Project

Dewatering is one of the major challenges faced by construction teams across Australia. Before work can begin on apartment blocks, holiday villas or commercial properties, every site needs to be drained and made safe for construction crews to start their work. At the same time, the water that is removed needs to be stored and disposed of in an environmentally sensitive manner. It's an expensive process, making it vital to choose the right dewatering process. [Read More]

Window Glazing Alternatives You Can Go For

Glass is a good option for your home's windows. Today, glass has been engineered in many ways to boost its functionality for the windows in your home. Ranging from significant concerns like security, safety, cleaning and environmental protection, modern glazing options are strong, aesthetically appealing and durable. To get the most out your glass windows, you need to understand their characteristics and make an informed choice depending on what you want your windows to do for you. [Read More]

Tips for Using Acrow Props Safely for Scaffolding

In the construction industry, scaffolding is a temporary structure consisting of planks and supports that allow workers to access the building during construction or repair. They may extend high into the air and pose serious safety risks for workers whenever they aren't stable enough. Don't fret: Acrow props offer an attractive solution. They are effective supports that will guarantee safety if used correctly. However, if you're a builder hoping to use acrow props when scaffolding, here are some tips to ensure your safety and that of your crew. [Read More]