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Three Reasons You Could Choose Timber Wall Frames

Whatever the nature of your building project, you are probably most focused on the external appearance of the building and how the building will be used. You will be thinking about whether the dimensions of each room and its location within the building will make the room suitable for its intended purpose. However, there is a more fundamental question to address before you can get to that stage. You must decide on the type of wall frames that you want to use on the property. You might think that steel wall frames will be the best choice, but there are good reasons that timber wall frames could be a better option.

Here are three of the most common reasons that people decide to use timber wall frames in their new properties.

Lower installation costs

Timber wall frames are generally made off-site and delivered to the construction area ready to be put in place. Prefabricated frames reduce the amount of time spent on the site and cut down on labour costs. Being lighter than steel, timber wall frames need less work to correctly position and no specialist welding tools to assemble. Assembling a steel wall frame could take an array of specialist welding gear and heavy lifting equipment. The installation of steel frames will take longer and almost certainly cost more than a timber frame.

Lower maintenance costs

Timber wall frames should enjoy a long life, but as with any other material, there will come a point when the frame needs to be replaced or updated. Making changes to steel wall frames can be problematic. Steel is heavy to work with, and you must call in people with specialist equipment. When you want to make changes to a timber wall frame, almost any contractor can do the work.

Lower property running costs

Building a property is only the first step. You will have to live or work in the building for many years. One of the ongoing concerns will be the costs of running the building. You must pay the utility bills every month, and a large part of that will be to do with temperature control. You will be either heating or cooling the property every day, so controlling heat transfer is essential. Timber is a good insulator, so choosing timber wall frames for your building is a decision that could save you money every day for years into the future.