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The Various Benefits of Commercial Water Bores

A significant number of Australian businesses rely on private bores for their water supply. If you are contemplating jumping on the bandwagon, it is important that you first know the advantages associated with such a move. Here is a look at some of the important benefits you stand to reap by drilling your own private bore.

Drought-proof your property  

Water storage tanks may not be able to meet all your water needs. You may have a big swimming pool to fill up, sizeable lawn to water, or luscious flower garden you need to keep looking healthy all year round. Surely, these are all undertakings that will require several gallons of water, but should also make sure to preserve enough water for drinking and performing of daily chores, like office cleaning.

With countless gallons of water laying underground, you can use all the water you need without worrying about your water tanks becoming empty at a crucial time. What is more, as bore water is found in aquifers located deep in the ground, the odds of water remaining available during dry spells are much more.

Slash your water bills

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce their operating expenses. One area where businesses can considerably cut on their bills is in the water utility area. The best part about drilling your own private well is that all of the water you use comes free of charge. No worries about your local utility company charging you expensive bills: Just drill a borehole and enjoy reliable water supply all year round.

Save space

Water storage tanks can be big space consumers on your commercial property, and in business, you need to make the most out of every inch of available space. The larger the size of your tank, the more of your exterior space you will need to give up. Private bores are generally located underground where they remain out of sight. The bore water can be drawn either via a shallow hole or a pipe immersed into the bore. Either way, a bore will save your above-ground space for something else. If you are concerned about aesthetics, you should rest easy. Your bore can easily be concealed under pavements so it does not wane the beauty of your commercial landscape.

To make sure that bore water is suitable for your intended use, you will need to have it tested. Natural minerals and salts found in the water may render the water unsafe for human consumption, unsuitable for landscaping purposes such as gardening and may stain areas the water comes in contact with.