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The Virtues of Aluminium House Siding

A look around many Australian homes will reveal that aluminium is still a popular choice of siding and cladding material. Aluminium siding is generally an aluminium coil stock that is chemically treated and then painted to protect the metal material from deterioration. The finishing on the metal is also applied for aesthetic purposes. If you love aluminium, you may be interested in knowing some of the many strengths it still provides when used as siding material for modern day homes.

Is easy to handle

As aluminium is a lightweight material, it is easy to work with, especially when it comes to installation work. This attribute makes handling aluminium siding easy for do-it-yourselfers equipped only with basic construction skills and tools.

Fairly durable

As a homeowner, you will be happy to know that aluminium siding is popular for its longevity. When properly installed and maintained, you can expect years and years of reliable service life from the siding. Any damage caused by scratches or water can generally be repaired simply by sanding and refinishing the affected areas. As for dents, you just have to pull them back to shape using a flat washer, self-tapping screws and a pair of pliers, and then sand and paint the patch. If you have a patch that is irreparably damaged, just replace the part as opposed to replacing the whole exterior.

Can be cost-effectively updated

Unlike vinyl siding whose look is permanent, the appearance of aluminium siding can be updated every now and then with a simple painting job. Re-painting is a cost-effective way to revamp your home's exterior look, which makes good sense in these harsh economic times. Instead of taking your old house siding to replace it with new siding, you will save big money by simply giving your waning siding a new paint finish.

Can be a good heat insulator    

Aluminium material itself is a good conductor of heat. But when the aluminium foil used for siding is applied in layers, the siding becomes a good heat insulator, as it conducts almost no heat by reflecting radiated heat away from the installation. This makes aluminium foil a superior insulator over many other material choices. By retaining heat in the hot winter days and holding cool air in the hot summers, aluminium siding can significantly reduce your monthly energy bills.

Make sure to get in touch with an aluminium supplier for more details when you are ready to install aluminium siding in your home's exteriors.