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Why Build With Timber Frame Trusses?

When most people are contemplating constructing frame structures, timber frame trusses instantly come to mind. Whether they envision a majestic-looking roof structure or they simply want an entryway that is a feature of interest in a building, timber frame trusses are a perfect choice of construction material. That's because woodworkers can come up with so many shapes, styles and design options so that builders and building owners can easily find something that suits their project needs.

Here is a look at some important benefits of building with timber frame trusses.

Easier to work with

When it comes to the execution of any construction project, time is usually of the essence. Given that much of the work that goes into the manufacturing of timber frame trusses is carried out in-house at the factory workshop, the product delivered on-site will be in ready-to-build condition. In fact, timber frame trusses are built with the specific requirements of the construction job in mind, and thus come custom-made for quick installation. What is more, timber is a lightweight choice material as compared to steel and concrete. This means it is much easier to transport and lift the frame trusses for installation.

Lower embodied energy

A lot of people love to build with timber because it can be recycled or reused upon completion of its expected service life. But that is not the only eco-advantage that timber has to offer. The lower embodied energy rating of timber is much lower as compared to that of concrete and steel. Embodied energy refers to the total amount of energy used up in the production of a building construction material. As less energy goes into the manufacture of timber frame trusses as compared to alternatives made from steel and concrete, opting for timber is a much better choice for the ecosystem.

Improved thermal insulation

Many people today want to construct buildings that do not require too much energy to keep warm. If you need your building to be well-insulated, timber is an ideal choice of construction material. Unlike metal or concrete, wood does not gain or lose heat, and so less energy is needed to retain heat in a building. The lower the amount of energy used up is ultimately beneficial to the environment.

To top it all up, timber frame trusses are strong and highly durable construction products. This means you can enjoy years and years of service from your building without worrying about the need for early replacement.