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Is It Time to Update the Electrical Systems of Your Home?

Updating the electrical wiring of your home when needed is very important for your overall safety and for the protection of the home itself. Older wiring that is bare, worn, or frayed is more prone to shorts and shocks, and the risk of electrical fires. Very often these fires start behind the walls so that they can spread quickly before a smoke alarm sounds, causing severe damage to the home. Consider when it may be time to inspect and potentially replace the electrical systems of your home, before you risk this type of damage.

The home has aluminum wiring

Aluminum wiring may overheat easily and, in turn, start a fire. You can usually tell if you have aluminum wiring because it will be stamped with "AL" on the outside of the wiring jacket or covering. Copper wiring is much safer for a home as it may be less prone to becoming bare and frayed from overheating and may pose less of a fire risk. If you see that "AL" stamp anywhere on your home's wiring, have it replaced with updated copper.

You've added electrical appliances and equipment

It's not unusual for homeowners to buy larger kitchen appliances or add things to kitchen outlets like microwaves and a toaster oven, or to install a home theater with a large TV and other such equipment, without thinking of the wiring behind the walls. If the wiring is older, it may not provide the power needed for these pieces and they may get worn down from trying to operate without sufficient power. The wires can also easily overload when trying to provide power for everything you have plugged in, and you increase the risk of electrical shock and fire. 

The breaker box is very old

If you're unsure of the age of the wiring in your home, you might note the condition of the breaker box. If it's very old and rusted in any areas, this is a sign that the wiring in your home is also old, as a new breaker box is often installed with new wiring. If every single circuit in the breaker panel is being used, this can also mean that your home needs additional circuits and additional wiring to support all your electrical appliances, as you may have too many that are wired to the same circuit. The breaker box is also what brings in electrical power from outside the home, so updating the box can mean supplying your home with the added electrical power you need to properly support all the electrical equipment you have.