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How to Choose the Installation Location of Split System Air Conditioning Units

Split system air conditioning units are divided into two or more units. In a typical setup, one unit is installed outside the house while the other unit or units are installed inside.  These systems are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners due to their smart features that allow the control of temperature in different rooms using different thermostats. The units are also relatively easy to install; however, you need to choose the ideal installation location for the indoor and outdoor units for convenience and to maximize efficiency. Read on for tips on how to choose the perfect location.

Indoor units

A typical indoor unit consists of an evaporator and a heat pump which has a furnace. Multiple split air conditioners can have two or more indoor units depending on the configuration. Indoor units can be wall mounted or roof mounted based on the type of the air conditioner. Wall-mounted units are installed on the wall or near a window in a particular room in the house. Roof-mounted units are installed in the roof space. They are suitable when the wall-mounted units are not an ideal option for aesthetic or convenience purposes.

Consider the following when installing indoor units, whether wall or roof-mounted:

•    The unit should be located where air can be distributed evenly around the room.

•    Units installed in the bedroom can be installed above the bed for maximum cooling effect. However, to avoid the direct flow of cold air to the body, you can change the direction of the louvers.

•    Wall-mounted units should be installed a few centimeters above the ground, but not so close to the roof as they will end up cooling the hot roof instead of the entire room.

•    Units installed near windows should be symmetrical to the window for aesthetic purposes.

•    The units should be conveniently positioned so that they can be easily accessed for regular cleaning of the air filter or the entire unit.

Outdoor unit

The outdoor unit of a split system air conditioner consists of the compressor, condenser, cooling fan, and expansion valve. The unit dissipates hot air from the indoor unit to ensure efficiency and prevent overheating and broken circuits. Consider the following when choosing the location of the outdoor unit:

•    It should be located in an open space where air can flow freely.

•    The surface where the unit is placed should be rigid to prevent noise from vibration of the unit during operation.

•    It should be strategically placed to allow easy access during maintenance of the components.

The location you choose for the split system air conditioner units can affect the efficiency and performance of the entire system. Ensure you hire a professional to install the unit for you so that they can choose the ideal location depending on the set up of your home.