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Expert tips for maintaining your cooling tower during summer

The temperatures rise considerably in the summer seasons, and this exposes your cooling tower to various heat-related problems. Excessive downtime, loss of efficiency and damage to equipment are just a few of many. The high temperatures also place excessive demands on the cooling systems and keep them under stress. So when summer hits, and you want to ensure your cooling tower runs optimally, here's what you can do.

Effective water treatments

During summer, the high temperatures allow microorganisms to thrive, and this substantially speeds up corrosion. You need to re-evaluate your water treatment plan to eliminate harmful bacteria and control corrosion and formation of scale. Go for chemicals like biocides to kill bacteria and other micro-organisms. You should remember that blowdown techniques, where a small portion of recirculating water is drained to eliminate dissolved solutes, are never enough on their own. They can't comprehensively control scale formation and corrosion as they are only marginally effective. Therefore, look into various corrosion inhibitors and dispersants. Try to seek assurance that whatever chemical you use in your water treatment plan won't have a heavy impact on the heat transfer efficiency of the water.

Tower fill maintenance or replacement

The tower fill is the heart of your cooling tower because it's where the actual heat transfer takes place. This, and the fact that your tower fill is very susceptible to fouling means that you need to step up your maintenance game during the summer. The high temperatures mean that the heat transfer is less efficient, and your tower fill may therefore be exposed to extreme heat. Using temperature resistant CPVC or HPVC material for your tower fill will come in handy.

Also, biofilm formation and debris collection in your tower fill is rampant during the summer, and this may severely limit your cooling tower's efficiency. So remember to clean your tower more regularly. When your tower fill undergoes significant wear and tear, just replace the fill since the deterioration will only increase during high temperatures.

If needed, contact a company like Marley Flow Control Pty Ltd to replace your cooling tower fill.

General inspection and repairs

Inspect the various parts of your cooling tower frequently. Always check for any corrosion or general wear and tear then fix it immediately. This is particularly important for mechanical components of your cooling tower, since they are the most susceptible to heat degradation. Ensure that you pay special attention to cooling tower fans as they are principally gear-driven or belt systems. Damage here due to heat-related deterioration can have profound effects on the airflow in your cooling tower and limit its heat-exchange efficiency.