Two Questions to Ask Your Earthworks Company

Whether you are clearing land before starting a building project, digging foundations or laying pipework for new electrical or plumbing connections, you may need earthworks completed on your property. If you think of earthworks as simply 'digging holes', you might think that getting the earthworks right is an easy process, but, in reality, it can be far more complex than you might think. Earthworks must be completed to the right height or depth, they must be in the right place and the company must use the right equipment to dig through the soil and rock they encounter below the surface. [Read More]

How To Decide If You Need A Patio Or A Deck

When it comes to outdoor home extensions, the two most obvious candidates are always going to be patios and decks. But how do you know which one will suit your property best? After all, they have many similarities and accomplish almost the same thing. Some consider this just to be a personal choice regarding what style you like best. While that is true, there are underlying factors that can help push you in one direction or another. [Read More]

What to Consider Before Commencing Excavation

A properly planned and executed excavation job is essential for ensuring the success of any building construction project.  Often the first step in the construction process for new buildings, excavation involves digging up soil, rock or earth to create holes or trenches in the ground. These holes or trenches are then used to lay the foundation of the buildings to be built at the construction site.  Here are a few essential factors to think through before you can commence excavating your construction site. [Read More]

What Are the Benefits of Using Sustainably Sourced Timber in Construction?

Timber has been used in construction, but with the rising concern over how fast the world is losing its forests, some doubt has been cast upon the use of timber as a sustainable construction material.  While the uncontrolled cutting down of trees can lead to desertification, soil erosion, flooding, climate change, and several other environmental problems, timber can deliver a host of great benefits when sourced in a sustainable manner, and the timber supply can be replenished by growing more trees in managed forest settings. [Read More]