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Four Potential Hazards A Building Inspection Report Can Uncover

A building inspector is an independent professional who can help you identify any issues with a property. He or she will examine the structure, plumbing and electrical systems and provide a written report on their findings.

A building inspection report can reveal a number of potential hazards that may not be obvious when looking at a house. Here are four common ones:

1. A Building Inspection Report Can Uncover Structural Defects

A property's foundation and framing must be solid for it to withstand the elements and remain structurally sound over time. Structural defects can include:

  • Cracks in the foundation or walls​
  • Rotten framing members (such as beams)
  • Improperly installed roof trusses

A building inspection report can help you determine whether the property's structure is sound or needs to be repaired. 

2. A Building Inspection Report Can Reveal Plumbing Or Drainage Problems

Inspectors can inspect the plumbing and drainage systems to make sure they're in good working order. This includes checking:

  • The condition of faucets, shower heads and toilets 
  • The presence of any leaks or drips from pipes or fixtures
  • If a pipe has burst or there's a leak somewhere else in your home

A building inspector will check all of the pipes running through your property, including sewer lines and septic tanks. 

3. A Building Inspection Report Can Show You Roofing Issues 

Building inspection services can help you find any issues with your roof. This includes checking for problems like leaks or holes in the roof and making sure that there's adequate ventilation. It may also include checking for mould or mildew on the roof, which can be a sign of a larger issue. A building inspection report can also show you if your roof has any structural problems, such as issues with shingles or flashing.

4. A Building Inspection Report Can Uncover Electrical Problems 

Building inspection services can uncover electrical problems with your home. This includes checking for issues like loose wiring, faulty grounding and improper installation of outlets or switches. It may also include checking the current capacity of your electrical system and making sure that it meets local code requirements. If you are planning to sell your home, it's a good idea to get an inspection report done. This will help you spot any problems with the electrical system that may need attention before you list your house for sale.

To learn more about what is included in a building inspection report, chat with someone from a building inspection service today.