What Many Homeowners May Wonder About Getting a Home Underpinned

Underpinning a home actually refers to a variety of methods of making the home's foundation stronger and more secure. This can include adding more concrete around or under the current foundation, or attaching actual large pins to it, acting as a brace for the foundation. House underpinning may also mean re-stumping, or replacing old stumps for homes built on such a foundation. If you've been told that your home needs underpinning, note a few questions you might have about the process so you know what's involved and if it's the right choice for you. [Read More]

Options You Can Consider When Contemplating Insulation Installation

Whether you are constructing a new home, engaging in renovations or embarking on a home extension, insulation is a critical building material. A mistake some homeowners make is simply leaving this decision to the building contractor and therefore do not have a clue of what is being used to insulate their home. However, knowing what options are available to you will enable you to make an enlightened decision on what would suit your residence. [Read More]

3 Things That Will Tell You It's Time to Underpin Your House

Without a strong and well-supported foundation, your house cannot hold the weight of the material above the ground. You must ensure that your foundation is structurally sound to avoid unprecedented damage to property and injuries to the occupants. With underpinning, your foundation can be repaired accordingly and its strength restored. The process involves excavating underneath your foundation to determine the cause and nature of the damage. Thereafter, new concrete is re-laid underneath and around the foundation to return the walls and floors to their appropriate position, make the soil stable and offer structural support to the original foundation structure. [Read More]

2 Important Steps to Writing Your Home Extension Design Brief

Extending your home is one way to transform a poorly-designed, cramped house into the home of your dreams. Executed properly an extension can not only have you living more comfortably, it can also increase your home's value and curb appeal in leaps and bounds. Being a major renovation project, careful thought must be put into the entire process in order to ensure that you have the best results for your investment. [Read More]