What to Consider When Choosing a Rural Shed for Your Property

A rural shed can be a great choice for storing anything from farm equipment to bales of hay, and they also work as barns and even residential garages. When choosing a rural shed, you want to ensure you consider all the features offered as well as some potential problems you might encounter with your property. Note a few of those considerations here so you know you get the right choice and have it installed as easily as possible for you. [Read More]

Say Goodbye To The Attic With A "Steel" Face

A trussed roofing system is one that features a triangular structural framework that supports the weight of the roof. Long pieces of timber/steel are used to make the outer (triangular) shell of the framework. Shorter pieces of timber/steel are then connected to the outer shell of the framework longitudinally. Homeowners who choose a steel truss over one that's made of wood often have to dig deeper into their pockets for their chosen truss. [Read More]

Insulation Options For Metal Roofing Systems

Energy loss through a metal roofing system may go through various processes. Examples of these processes include conduction, convection and radiation. Metal roofing systems are insulated so as to prevent heat loss through the mentioned processes. Prospective new homeowners who would wish to install a metal roofing system and those whose metal roofs lack proper insulation have various options available at their disposal. Discussed in this article are three among the various options. [Read More]

Plumbing 101: An Introduction To Backflow

Backflow is a common problem that keeps the phone of the modern plumber buzzing with service calls. Backflow refers to a situation in which the water in a utility line or drainage pipe begins to flow in reverse. Backflow poses the risk of contamination to clean drinking water running in different utility lines, hence the need for urgent action whenever it occurs. This article answers two questions that today's homeowner may have in relation to the mentioned plumbing problem. [Read More]