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Building Maintenance Tasks for Old Warehouses

If your business has recently purchased an old or abandoned warehouse, you may already be aware of the issues these types of real estate purchases have. You may have things that need to be remodeled or replaced in order to fit your business needs. One thing you may not consider is the type of ongoing building maintenance you need to schedule. Here are a few options to consider, especially if your warehouse will be for storing goods during various weather conditions and under a variety of storage packaging.

Sealant Checks

If seals around windows and doors are not properly checked and maintained, your inventory could catch the brunt end of the damage. Improperly sealed areas of a warehouse can allow mould and mildew to form as well as condensation, or even the ability for bugs to get into your inventory. With older warehouses, you may have areas that pass inspection upon first glance, but still need to be maintained and resealed over time in order to maintain their integrity. This should be checked prior to the changes from one season to another, such as the change between summer and fall or fall and winter.

Skylight Checks

One area of a warehouse that you may overlook on routine inspections and maintenance schedules are your skylights. The skylights may receive damage, especially after strong winds or thunderstorms. This type of weather could lead to cracks in the windows of the skylights that lead to allowing moisture in or allowing cold and heat to leak through. You may also have damage to the frames around these skylights. Remember, cracks can lead to more than just weather damage to your inventory. A simple crack can become larger, causing the glass to fall and causing damage to your inventory or your warehouse workers. These should be checked on a routine basis, if not monthly, or at least after major storms or damaging winds.

Plumbing and Boiler Room Maintenance

When you hire building maintenance contractors to do routine maintenance on your warehouse, one thing they may mention is having your plumbing and boiler room checked. The reason for this is that these areas and aspects of your warehouse can have multiple issues. For example, you may have a small leak in the plumbing that leads to mould and mildew or to water damage to your inventory. You may also have issues in the boiler room where leaks occur and spread into the foundation of the warehouse causing the foundation to crack. This is a maintenance check you should consider on a routine monthly or quarterly basis.

These are just a few of the building maintenance tasks you should schedule on a routine basis if you have purchased and older warehouse for your business. For more maintenance options, consider contacting a building maintenance contractor like Austral Property Maintenance Pty Ltd for an evaluation, price estimate, and scheduling routine.