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Window Glazing Alternatives You Can Go For

Glass is a good option for your home's windows. Today, glass has been engineered in many ways to boost its functionality for the windows in your home. Ranging from significant concerns like security, safety, cleaning and environmental protection, modern glazing options are strong, aesthetically appealing and durable. To get the most out your glass windows, you need to understand their characteristics and make an informed choice depending on what you want your windows to do for you. Here are a few window glass alternatives that you can go for:

Heat Absorbing Glass Windows

Heat absorbing glass has a special tint and glaze that responds to heat. When sunrays hit the surface of the glass, the colour changes to reduce the penetration of the sun's rays, helping to keep indoor temperatures low. The reaction of the tint and glaze enable the windows glass to absorb the heat instead of reflecting and channelling that heat into your house. You can choose from a range of tints like bronze and grey to match the aesthetic needs in your home. Heat absorbing windows are an energy efficient alternative that helps to keep your house cool and reduce the need for using electrical air conditioning systems in your home. To add on that, the tint reduces glare and ensures privacy when you are indoors. 

Gas-Filled Glass Windows

Gas-filled windows are made using several thin panes of glass with gas filling the space between each of the panes. Most manufacturers use argon or krypton gases because they are chemically non-reactive. Both argon and kryptonite gases are denser than air. This reduces the amount of heat transfer through the glass panels, keeping the house cooler when it is hot or warmer when the winter sets in. Moreover, the multiple glass panels enhance the strength and sturdiness of the gas-filled glass windows. Since the gases are chemically non-reactive, you do not have to worry about negative side effects in case the window panels break accidentally.

Low-Emissivity Glass Windows

Low-emissivity or low-E glass has a custom coating that separates the infrared and visible portion of the sun's rays. The infrared part of the light is reflected back outdoors while the visible light is let through to illuminate the space in your house. In the glaring heat of the sun, low-E glass helps you to keep your house cool while ensuring that your house is well lit up. This helps you save lots of energy. 

For more information on your glass repair options, contact a local glass and window company.