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Electrical Repairs and Installation You Shouldn't Do Yourself

While there are many home repairs you can do safely and effectively, electrical repairs require extra caution. Not only can some of these repairs or installations be more complicated on a technical level, but they can also be more dangerous. It is important to hire a professional for the following electrical repairs and installations.

Re-Wiring Your Home

If you have faulty wiring in your home, do not attempt to find the problem and make the repairs yourself. Re-wiring a home is a lot more complicated than just installing a new lighting fixture. You really should not even go into the walls and mess around with the wiring without first calling an electrician. Call a professional if you notice the common signs of having faulty wiring, such as if the lights are looking dimmer or flickering often, you keep having to re-set fuses that get blown out or if the outlets and light switches feel warm to the touch.

Installing Telephone Cabling

This is another electrical-related task that many people try to do on their own, but tends to be a little more complicated than originally imagined. If you need new telephone cabling or networking cabling installed in your home, you should probably just call up a professional to handle the job for you. It might not be quite as dangerous as installing new wiring for your home, but there is a lot to consider. For example, you need different cabling for regular telephone with voice than if you are also installing cable to be used with internet and data. If you already have cabling that you are replacing, you need to know how to pull those cables and install new ones as well.

Making Repairs on the Electrical Panel

If you have an older fuse box in your home, there may come a time when you need to have an electrical panel replaced or your current electrical panel needs repairs. This is another area of your home's electrical system that it is best you not mess with unless you have previous experience working with electrical panels. This requires a certain amount of skill as it controls all of the electrical in your entire home. You could do a lot of damage if you do this incorrectly, and would still need to call an electrical after all. You are better off calling a professional from the very beginning to ensure it is done correctly.