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How To Hire A Shopfitter

Shopfitters are your best bet when you want to renovate your retail space to make your business competitive and appealing to its customers. There is little room for errors when shopfitting your retail space. Therefore, you have to work with the best shopfitters on the market. If you have trouble finding the right fit shopfitter, read this extract for expert tips on what to look out for. 

Visit Some Of The Shopfitter's Projects

Your first concern should be the shopfitter's ability to execute the project. Therefore, ask them to take you or a site visit to some of their current and previous shops. During the visit, examine the shopfitter's creativity and designs. For example, how functional are the spaces? Assess how customers and employees fit into the space. Additionally, check the location of the various shop amenities. For instance, is the entrance conveniently located? Is the counter accessible? Does the lighting influence customer purchasing decisions? Does the colour scheme give the shop a touch of warmth? Use these parameters to gauge the shopfitter's expertise. 

Assess The Professional's Suitability For Your Project

Use these pointers to determine the shopfitter's suitability for your project: 

  • Check the shopfitter's availability. Remember, you might be in a rush to ensure you take advantage of the peak seasons.
  • Ask the professional to send a proposal detailing the designs and justifying their approach. Remember, you may not be conversant with interior design and shopfitting themes.
  • What is the shopfitter's work ethic? Consider friendly professionals willing to take extra steps to satisfy their clients. Besides, the shopfitter must have the required licencing and insurance covers.
  • The shopfitter must give a guarantee on their work.  

Examine The Shopfitter's Project Management Skills

How will the shopfitter manage your project? Typically, they should present a plan detailing the sequence at which they will execute the works. Experienced shopfitters will assess planning and strata by-laws to ensure you do not get into trouble with the authorities and your property manager. Besides, they will ensure minimal interference inside the shop. For example, they could fabricate construction materials such as gypsum, plywood, doors and windows in another location to ensure instant fitting. 

The shopfitter should also inform you about their terms before commencing construction works. For example, when do they expect payments? What happens if you decide to terminate their contract? What happens if you disregard the initial agreement? Negotiate these terms before signing the contract.