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What Are the Benefits of Using Sustainably Sourced Timber in Construction?

Timber has been used in construction, but with the rising concern over how fast the world is losing its forests, some doubt has been cast upon the use of timber as a sustainable construction material. 

While the uncontrolled cutting down of trees can lead to desertification, soil erosion, flooding, climate change, and several other environmental problems, timber can deliver a host of great benefits when sourced in a sustainable manner, and the timber supply can be replenished by growing more trees in managed forest settings. 

Here are some benefits associated with using sustainably sourced timber in construction.

Good structural strength 

The strength of timber increases with an increase in its density, but other factors such as the level of moisture in the timber also influence the strength properties of the final timber products. Timber products come in a variety of strength-sorted grades to match your exact requirements for different applications.

Thermal insulation

Timber has natural thermal insulating properties, meaning it won't easily absorb and transfer heat or cold from the outside into your building when used as a framing system. These properties make timber an excellent option if you want to keep buildings' heating and cooling bills down.

Low embodied energy

Embodied energy refers to the total amount of energy required to use a particular construction product, from processing to manufacturing and transportation. Of all the main structural materials available in today's construction world, timber has the lowest embodied energy. This is because trees don't require extensive processing once felled.

Great aesthetics

In applications where aesthetics is a concern, timber can be your friend. The wood grain pattern and colour of each piece of timber is unique because each tree grows differently. Exotic varieties of wood can be a beautiful addition to any building when left exposed. This will help to increase the kerb appeal and market value of the property.

Recycling potential

While some buildings last longer than others, no building lasts forever. When it is time to bring down timber-framed buildings, timber from the structures can be salvaged and used in other projects. This helps to extend the lifespan of existing timber material while diverting construction waste from local landfills. The recyclability of timber is a good thing for the environment.

Using timber sourced from sustainably managed forests can deliver the above benefits and many more. If you want to reap these benefits, you should build with certified timber products. 

To learn more, contact a resource that carries timber products.