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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Roof Truss for Your Home

Are you having troubles finding the right roof truss for your newly constructed home? Choosing the perfect roof truss can be challenging, especially since different roof trusses are designed for different purposes. In addition, the type of roof truss you choose will affect the functionality of your roof, its energy efficiency, and the overall aesthetic appeal of your house. Therefore, read on to find out how find the most suitable roof truss for your home.

What Ceiling Type Do You Prefer?

Different roof trusses are designed for different types of ceilings. This affects the overall appearance of your home, and it depends on whether you want a traditional or modern look. For instance, if you want a cathedral ceiling, consider a parallel chord roof truss or a scissor roof truss. These types of roof trusses are usually convenient for cathedral ceilings. If you want a soft traditional look, consider going for a gambrel roof truss, which is usually made of sections that will make your home appear as if it has a rounded top.

What Are The Prevailing Weather Conditions?

The prevailing weather conditions can also have an effect on the type of roof truss that will be most suitable for your house. For instance, if you live in an area that is frequented by strong winds and hurricanes, consider selecting a dropped chord roof truss. It is made up of a two-segment or bisected design with convention or primary and secondary trusses, which help reduce truss or roof uplift. Weather conditions can also help you understand the amount of slope or pitch of your roof that is required. This will in turn give you an idea of what type of roof truss will best suit the slope. For instance, if you reside in an area experiencing heavy snowfall, it may be prudent to go for a roof with a steeper slope to allow the snow to easily slide off the roof. Therefore, consider a raised heel roof truss. However, a tall roof means that a lot of heat will be collected during summer. This still makes raised heel roof trusses the ideal option since they leave enough space for full insulation of the attic.

How Would You Like To Use Your Attic?

If you have plans to put your attic to use in any way, you should consider that use before choosing a roof truss. If you want to leave some small space to store stuff, you won't need an attic with much height. Therefore, a hip roof truss can suffice. If you'd like to walk around freely in your attic, go for a considerably tall roof truss such as an open plan roof truss.