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Why You Should Never Hire Housekeepers for Commercial Cleaning

While you might assume that all cleaning services are alike, it's typically a mistake to hire a residential housekeeper to manage your commercial cleaning needs. Commercial cleaning specifically refers to a cleaning service for a business; this might be an office, retail store, or production facility. If you own or manage such a business, note how residential housekeeping and commercial cleaning services are often different and why you need a commercial cleaning company in particular.


A housekeeping company will usually have insurance, but typically their coverage is relatively low. A housekeeper is not likely to cause more than a few hundred or perhaps a few thousand dollars in damages if they were to drop or break something. 

However, in an office or other such location, it can be easy to cause far more damage to computer equipment, production equipment, front glass windows, flooring, and the like. If you were to hire a housekeeping company and they had minimal insurance coverage and your property, equipment or inventory were to be damaged, you may not be adequately compensated for that damage or loss. However, commercial cleaning services take the higher risk of damages into account. 

Overall cleanliness of space

It may be difficult for you to realize that your commercial facility is often dirtier than a residence, but this is often very true. Consider that an office or other such facility sees much more foot traffic than a home, and you don't typically take your shoes off at the front door of an office! 

Not only are floors often dirtier but because a kitchen space and other such areas are not often washed every day, they may get very dirty every week or between visits from your cleaners. A residential housekeeper may not be prepared to deal with the lack of cleanliness of the space and the work needed to get it into tiptop shape.

Detailed cleaning

Along with the cleanliness of the space, a residential housekeeper may not know all the items that need to be cleaned to keep your commercial facility in good shape, and you may not know all those details either. A commercial cleaner is more likely to ensure that the tops of cubicle walls, radiators, front entryway doors, filing cabinets, and other such items commonly found in a commercial space are always clean. They may also be more skilled at cleaning computer and other such equipment as well as phones, cash registers, and items not typically found in a residential home. This too can ensure your facility always looks its best.

Consider these points and talk with a commercial cleaning company, such as Cleaning Contractors, for more information and options.