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Move-Out Cleaning: How to Clean Your Home and Get Your Deposit Back

If you are moving out of a house or apartment you have been renting, it is your obligation to make sure it is clean and the basic repairs are done. This ensures that you get most or all of your cleaning deposit back. In addition to basic cleaning tasks, make sure you complete the following cleaning as well.

Clean Areas That Rarely Get Cleaned

You probably already know to vacuum the floors, clean countertops, and make sure the sinks and showers are sparkling. However, there are other areas of your home that probably don't get cleaned very often, which a rental manager will be looking at. For example, clean the windows and window sills in all rooms of your home. You probably don't pay much attention to the windows, but the manager will want them sparkling for the next tenant. Some other areas to clean include the outlets and light switches, walls, baseboards and trim, and even the ceiling if it needs it. Also look inside all drawers, cabinets, and closets to ensure they are clean.

Focus on Appliances

You also want to make sure all appliances that came with the home are so clean they look practically new. This means going beyond just wiping down the stovetop, but actually lifting the burner protectors and cleaning underneath them. Make sure you also clean inside your oven, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator and freezer. Consider cleaning behind and underneath any appliances that can be moved as this really helps to get the home as clean and fresh as possible.

Leave the Floors for the End

To avoid tracking in dirt after you spend hours cleaning them, leave the floors until the very end on moving day. This includes sweeping and mopping up the tiles or wood floors, removing stains from the carpets, and of course vacuuming. If you can hire a professional carpet cleaner, that will definitely help you get more of your deposit back. Spills sometimes happen on carpets, but with a carpet cleaner, you have a good chance of removing stains. Cleaning the carpets also helps the entire home to smell better.

Get a Skip Bin for Rubbish

When you start cleaning the home after packing and moving boxes, you might end up with quite a bit of rubbish. Instead of packing it all into the house trash can, consider hiring a skip bin. This really makes it a much easier process as you can not only throw away regular trash with room to spare, but there is space for larger items that you need to dispose of. You don't want to leave anything behind, so this helps to prevent that.