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3 Ways to Use a Timber Pergola in Your Backyard

A pergola is a type of structure that includes framework, often made from durable timber materials. There are many different ways to use it in your backyard, including these following ideas.

Create Privacy

One good way to use a pergola in your backyard is by creating more privacy. Perhaps you don't like your neighbours being able to look over their fence and see you having a relaxing evening with your family. With a pergola, you can have it built where the structure includes framework as walls around your patio, providing a type of fencing around that space. This helps to keep the area private without completely blocking off the patio altogether. For even more privacy, you can get long curtain panels to hang from the walls of the pergola, which will then block off even more of your pergola area.

Get More Shade

Your backyard might also be in need of some more shade. A pergola is one of the top ways to have some shade, whether on your patio or out in the middle of the yard. This creates a nice outdoor space where you still get much-needed fresh air, but the framework blocks some of the sun's harsh UV rays. You feel more comfortable when enjoying your breakfast during a summer morning or watching your kids play in the yard. This is also a good place to keep your dogs on a hot day when you want them outside, but don't want them getting too hot.

Define Certain Spaces

Depending on the placement of your pergola, you can also use it to create certain spaces within your backyard. If you want to have an area for dinner parties outside, you can build a pergola around the outdoor dining table and chairs, then hang up some fairy lights around the framework of the pergola. It can be used out in the yard if you want to have a nice place that overlooks your garden.  You can also create a romantic spot in your backyard with a pergola and a seat that has just enough room for two people. Set up a relaxing water fountain and turn on some dim lights for more ambiance.

Remember that depending on its use, you can either get timber products from a local home improvement store to build a custom-made pergola or purchase a kit where you simply put it together. The custom-made timber pergolas have a lot more benefits and can be used in more creative ways.