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How to Choose Between the Most Popular Earthmoving Equipment Available

If you're not a general contractor but want to do some major work on the outside of your own property, you may be surprised to see that there are many pieces of earthmoving equipment available for rent or hire. These may vary in size but also in the type of work they perform; a typically machine may not be the right choice for you, depending on what you need to have done for earthmoving. Note a few tips for choosing between the most popular earthmoving pieces of equipment available so you choose the piece that will work for your needs in particular.

Skid steer loader

A skid steer loader looks like a backhoe or crane and it may come with a wide variety of accessories, beyond the standard bucket. However, its real advantage is that it can turn or rotate on its own footprint, much like an army tank. This makes it an ideal choice for tighter or smaller spots where you'll be working; if you need to dig several spots that are between your home and the garage or another confined area, you don't need to worry about backing up and turning around, but can simply rotate the cab and arm as needed while keeping the unit in one spot.


A trencher can be a very large piece of equipment that is used to create trenches for underground pipes, or it can be so small that you actually walk behind it. If you're looking to create trenches for new plumbing pipes outside your home, a sprinkler system, or even a very small farm, this can be the right choice. They usually deposit the dirt being dug up next to the trench rather than compacting it, so you will have proper water flow under the trench which you wouldn't get with compacted soil, but note that you'll still need to either dispose of that dirt or plan to cover over the trench with it once pipes are put into place.

Motor graders

You don't need to get a bulldozer and drive it backwards in order to grade or slope your property; a motor grader will have a long, flat blade in front of the cab and which can be easily adjusted to create a grade or slope on the ground. Additional blades can run behind the grader so that you can create trenches after grading the soil, for standard farming or gardening. This can make creating a level and even surface much easier for you, avoiding the risk of soil erosion or ensuring that you have full control of the flow of moisture on your property as well.