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Building Design | 4 Clever Ideas To Create An Outdoor-Friendly Building

Building a residential complex requires careful thought and planning at every stage, whether you're thinking of outdoor or indoor spaces. Australians are well known for their love of the great outdoors, so you may want to incorporate this element as part of your building design. This guide equips you with some clever ideas to help you create an outdoor-friendly building design.

Infuse Interior Spaces With Natural Daylight

Natural daylight can open up any interior room to make it seem larger than it actually is and reduces dependence on artificial lights, which ultimately reduces energy consumption and electricity bills. Moreover, you'll help to reduce the building's carbon footprint, allowing you to contribute to a greener environment. Infuse interior spaces with natural daylight by introducing elements like glazed windows, French doors, skylights and light wells into your overall building design. Door and windows can be treated with blinds and curtains to control the level of natural light entering rooms.

Incorporate Outdoor Living Ideas Into Building Design

Your building design should incorporate ideas like sky terraces, open-air balconies, rooftop gardens and patios to reflect an immaculate outdoor lifestyle. These outdoor living ideas offer an unbroken transition between exterior and interior spaces, contributing effortlessly to an outdoor-friendly building design. For instance, a living room opening up to a patio or garden on a top level will create an outdoor living feeling without the need to settle for a ground-floor unit.

Add Greenery To Outdoor Spaces

The concept of adding greenery to outdoor spaces like rooftops, gardens, verandahs and patios adds tremendous aesthetic value to your building design because it creates a feeling of tranquillity and promotes opportunities for community collaboration and active living. Adding greenery to urban buildings will also give residents a sense of privacy in their homes, while contributing to environmental responsibility. You can also create areas for residents to grow their own private gardens, so that they can create personalised outdoor-friendly spaces within the comfort of their homes.

Allow Fresh Ventilation And Air To Enter Into Rooms

Enabling more ventilation and air into rooms provides your occupants with a better opportunity to control their indoor environment. For instance, windows and doors leading to outdoor living spaces allow people to invite fresh air and ventilation into their rooms by simply opening these operable elements. You could also add natural ventilation systems — as part of your building design — to maintain cool and well-ventilated interior spaces.

If you're looking to create an outdoor-friendly building design, consider these clever ideas to create an appealing residential space.