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Metal Roof Restoration Vs Installing A New Roof

Working on a deteriorated roof requires a bit of an investment. If you have a metal roof that needs some work, you can either replace it with a new one or decide to restore the old one and hope for the best. This is a common decision point for many homeowners with metal roofs. In this article, find out how the two options compare in regards to several factors.


Cost is usually the biggest factor when making such a decision. As expected, installing a new metal roof costs more compared to restoring the old one. This is brought about by the hefty price of new metal roofing sheets, plus the labour required to remove the old roof and install a new one. With restoration, the old roof is not removed, although damaged panels will be replaced, if any. The roof is then cleaned, repainted, and a sealer applied. Overall, if you don't really need a new roof, you can save a lot of money via a restoration.


Cost aside, you also have to consider which option gives you a better-looking roof in the end. On this criterion, both options have almost the same results. Of course, a new roof will be spotless and shiny in all its glory. However, if a restoration is carried out by skilled roofers, the results can be just as good, to the point where a 3rd party can't tell the difference.


As a homeowner, you should also consider which option takes the shortest time. Obviously, you want to cause as little disruption to your home as possible. A metal roof restoration process can take 3 days on average while a new roof installation takes twice as much time. However, during a restoration, the old roof remains intact. With a new roof install, your house will not have a roof for half that time, unless the process is carried out bit by bit.


Last but not least, consider which option provides you with the most durability. On this criterion, a new metal roof installation wins. A new roof from an established brand like Colorbond will last for many years and comes with a solid warranty. With a restoration, the old roof will still need to be replaced once its manufacturer's recommended lifespan comes to an end. In some cases, the roof may dilapidate even faster.

In the end, it all boils down to how far gone your current roof is. If it is relatively new, a restoration will be understandable. However, if the roof is past half its lifespan, a new metal roof installation is the right way to go.