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Considering installing aluminium windows? Think about these facts first

If you are in need of new windows for your home, you might be looking at the different materials available. Aluminium can be a great option, but you should also consider some of the drawbacks. Here are some different things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing aluminium windows for your home.

They Aren't The Most Energy Efficient

One of the primary drawbacks to aluminium is that it isn't very energy efficient. If you are looking for windows with excellent insulation that will help you save energy by keeping your home warmer or cooler, depending on the season, aluminium is probably not the best option. While you can control the temperature indoors by choosing the right window treatments, you might want to go with fiberglass or vinyl if you truly care about energy efficiency with your new windows.

Aluminium is Very Affordable

On the bright side, you will save money by choosing aluminium for your windows. Replacing any windows can be expensive, but when you are upgrading all the windows in your home, you want to save as much money as possible. With aluminium, you won't be paying nearly as much as some of the other options, so you can go with better-quality windows without sacrificing your remodeling budget.

These Windows Are Lightweight

While having windows that are lightweight might seem like a bad thing, the fact that these windows don't weigh a lot doesn't actually mean they aren't durable. Aluminium windows are still durable and can last a long time, but they don't have that extra-heavy feeling that other windows have. The main benefit of this is that if you are installing them yourself, it is much easier to manage. Also consider that, with lighter weighted windows, the frame doesn't need to be reinforced before installing them.

They Aren't Good Storm Windows

If you live somewhere that gets a lot of extreme temperatures or storms, aluminium windows might not be the best option for you. While durable, they are better for mild or moderate climates. They are not the best protection from severe wind, hail, and snowstorms. However, you might be able to find aluminium windows in double- or triple-pane, which do offer some more protection for your home.

Speak to a window professional if you're still unsure which windows to go with. They will take into consideration your preferences, budget, and local climate when helping you decide which ones are best.