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Choosing Window Treatments for Stacker Doors: Three Ideas

Glass stacker doors blur the boundaries between outside and inside in your home. When closed, these glass doors provide you with stunning views of the surrounding areas, and when open, they meld your indoor living spaces with your outdoor patios.

They are both beautiful and functional, but if you ever want to block the view, keep out the sun or create a bit of privacy, you will need some window treatments for your stacker doors. Here are a few ideas to consider:

1. Panel tracks and panel drapes

If you have a long line of stacker doors, panel tracks and panel drapes are a functional way to cover them. Panel tracks and drapes are similar to the canvas room dividers used to partition large conferences rooms into smaller spaces at hotels.

When you want to draw the curtains, you simply pull them along their tracks until they are covering all of your windows. Then, when you are ready to let the light back in, you pull the panel curtains along their tracks until they are all bunched into a corner.

The upside of this approach is that it is functional, you can buy all colours of curtains, and these heavy curtains can be energy efficient. The downside, however, is that when open, the curtains will take up unnecessary space at the end of the track, and you have to account for that when designing your setup.

2. Gauzy Curtains and Rails

You don't have to have heavy panel curtains in tracks. Instead, you can hang a series of metallic curtain rods above your stacker doors. Then, you can hang gauzy panel curtains over these rods. Gauzy panels are ideal because they don't take up much space when pushed to the side, and you can create a fun effect by leaving them hanging over the open space if you open your stacker doors.

3. Built-In Blinds

If you want to avoid the hassle of hanging curtains or if you simply don't like the aesthetic, consider investing in stacker doors with built-in blinds. These blinds can come in almost any colour or style -- they can mimic wood, Venetian style blinds, plastic blinds or fabric shades.

Because they are housed in the glass of the stacker door, you don't have to worry about curtain rails, tracks or hardware or about finding space for the curtains to hang when they are open. Instead, you simply use a discrete lever on the side of the stacker door to manipulate the blinds open and shut as desired.