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A Quick Garage Door Buying Guide

It's not every day that you're in the market for a new garage door, so buying one for your home can be quite a challenge. There are many different styles and materials to choose from. and you may not understand the most durable yet attractive option for your home. Since you want your investment of a new door to last for years and to include as little maintenance as possible, note a few quick tips for buying a door for your home.

1. Choosing material

Wood has fallen out of favor with many homeowners simply because it requires the most maintenance. You need to repaint or reseal wood regularly, and it may be prone to chips, rot, and mildew. However, wood can look very traditional and inviting, so it may offer maximum curb appeal.

When choosing a metal for your garage door, note the thickness so you opt for something sturdy but remember that if your automatic opener should break, you'll need to open the garage door by hand until you get it fixed. Ask about the weight of a door and don't choose something too cumbersome to be lifted by hand, if needed.

2. Choosing coating

Since your garage door is probably going to be exposed to direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions no matter where you live, opt for one with a baked-on primer. This will ensure the paint job will stick and not chip as easily. You also should look for a polyester topcoat as this too will be more durable than a standard type of paint. Polyester is less likely to bubble and warp under hot summer sun or chip under heavy rains. Powder coating rather than painting is also typically more durable; this is a color that is applied as a powder, usually with an electric charge. It generally lasts much longer than standard paints.

3. Consider how it opens

You may automatically think of a garage door that swings out and then rolls up into the ceiling of your garage, but this is not the only option you have. If you need that space on the garage ceiling for storage or have a short driveway, consider a rollup garage door. This will save space in both areas. Doors that swing out on side hinges can look very traditional and give your garage a carriage house look. They can also allow for using the area above the garage for storage. However, note the clearance needed for these doors and ensure your property isn't sloped or hilly so that these doors cannot open fully. For more information see a website such as