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How to Choose the Right Material for Your Home's Pool Fencing

When choosing a pool fence, you may be concerned with the appearance of the fence but should also note how the material and design will affect its safety and durability. This is especially important if you have children, and in some areas there may also be legal requirements when it comes to the features of your pool fence. If you've already checked on any legal restrictions or guidelines for your area, note a few tips on how to choose the right material for your home's pool fencing.

1. Vinyl

Vinyl is a very popular option for pool fencing, because it's durable and virtually impervious to damage from chlorinated water and other chemicals used in a pool. It also doesn't fade in the sun or warp and crack during wintertime. However, note that vinyl is not indestructible. Sharp objects can cut through vinyl fence posts, especially those that are cheap and thin. If children have toys that they may run into the fence or you have pets that tend to chew and dig around the fence, vinyl might not be the most durable option for you.

2. Mesh

One advantage to a mesh pool fence is that it's virtually impossible to climb. Many fences that are designed for safety in homes with children will be made of mesh for this reason; a child can scale a metal fence with posts or even a wood fence, but the lightweight mesh doesn't provide a good toehold for them. In turn, they cannot climb over the fence. A mesh in a lighter color also allows in light and air and won't make your space look as claustrophobic and closed in as a solid fence made of metal or wood.

3. Glass

Glass is also a good choice for keeping out those who would scale the fence, as you can make it too high for anyone to climb without making your space seem closed in. It also allows you a full view of the pool, so you can keep an eye on visitors and children. 

While glass is not going to be damaged by water splashing and pool chemicals, you want to ensure you get a tempered or treated glass that also won't show watermarks. If you opt for a cheaper glass that is not properly coated and treated, you may see that it shows every water drop from the pool and in turn, may become very unsightly. Don't let price alone determine the type of glass you choose for a pool fence, but invest in one with the right coating and treatment to keep it looking good.