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Why Every Retail Business Should Install Automatic Front Doors

If you own a retail business of any sort, you should seriously consider installing automatic doors at the front. As you probably already know, every detail about your location is important including the entryway, and the right doors can mean making your store more inviting for potential customers. It can also make your location safer. Note the following reasons why you might consider automatic doors at the front of your store.

1. Open doors can invite customers inside

As potential customers make their way up and down a sidewalk of a strip mall, an automatic door can actually invite them inside. The door opens and they can see the interior of the store and if something catches their eyes, this may actually work to get them to go inside and shop.

Along with inviting customers inside, automatic doors can make it easier for many customers to enter. Remember that not all customers can easily handle a heavy glass door. The elderly and the handicapped may appreciate an automatic door that makes it easily for them to enter, and if they cannot easily manage your front door, they may simply shop somewhere else.

Automatic doors also make it easier for customers to bring large purchases outside on their own and they're less likely to ask for assistance. Your clerks will be less busy holding open doors and helping customers bring their bulky items out and instead, can concentrate on tasks inside the store.

2. Automatic doors mean less utility waste and more security

An automatic door that closes behind a customer can keep in your air conditioning or heating, and they're less likely to be held open by a customer who is lingering before they leave. You may not think much of the cost of utilities when your front doors are open, but consider how much energy is needed when the temperature of your entire store raises or drops by just a degree or two. Just a few customers holding your doors open for several minutes can increase your utility bills significantly, but automatic doors keep them from holding the doors open for too long.

Automatic doors are also more readily controlled by security staff and can be tied in with the fire alarm system. When a fire alarm sounds, the doors can automatically open and stay open, for the safety of customers. They can also be remotely locked by your security staff in case of theft or a missing child. These too are reasons to consider having automatic doors installed in your retail location.

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